Things I Missed

Our Sin Blinds Us

Recently, I was reading in the Book of JUDGES about the story Samson is probably most remembered by – losing his hair, his strength, and ultimately, his life (Judges 16).  There were a few things I noticed about this story… Read More ›

Jesus Asks Us to Sit

When Jesus finishes teaching his Sermon on the Mount, He asks His disciples to feed the crowd.  Understandably, the disciples balk at the idea of feeding 5000+ people with food and money that they simply don’t have.  Jesus’ response?  Let’s… Read More ›

From Grief to Action

In the Book of NEHEMIAH, Nehemiah sees the devastation of Jerusalem and grieves, but he doesn’t stop there, or doubt God’s goodness – he prays for it.  Nehemiah goes from grief to action.

Stepping Out in Faith

It sounds counter intuitive, but stepping out in faith means ignoring earthly wisdom.  Being wise is certainly a good and godly trait (hello PROVERBS), but when God asks for faith, it probably won’t make conventional sense.

Contending for The Name

The name Jacob means ‘Deceiver’ and eventually he has his name changed by God to Israel, which means ‘God Contended’.  Until recently, I had not realized how important Jacob’s name, and the transformation of his name, are to the story. … Read More ›