From Grief to Action

In the Book of NEHEMIAH, Nehemiah sees the devastation of Jerusalem and grieves, but he doesn’t stop there, or doubt God’s goodness – he prays for it.  Nehemiah goes from grief to action.

God rewards Nehemiah’s trust in Him when he steps out in faith, draws up a plan, and makes bold requests before a powerful earthly king who could easily dismiss his requests, and his life.

We all know the story, Nehemiah, a cup-bearer with no discernible skills, goes on to inspire and protect his people, and rebuild the wall and the city of Jerusalem.  He did not have a black belt in SIX SIGMA, he did not graduate from a prestigious modern engineering school, and he did not have his masters in urban development.

Nehemiah saw a problem (his city in ruins), was grieved by it, and decided to take prayerful and faith-filled action to change the circumstances.  He did not rely on the skills he had, but trusted in God to provide the skills, the means, and the support to get the job done.

When my soul is grieved, does it drive me to action?  Do I make a plan and trust in Him to make the change?

When I see the state of the church, does that drive me to prayerful action?  Do I pray for revival?  Do I pray for baptisms?  Do I pray for His name to go forth in my city?  Why not?

I’m lazy.  I have become numb to grief.  I think someone else will fix it, someone else will solve it, I don’t have the skills for it, I’m not qualified to do that.

Qualifications didn’t stop Nehemiah from building a wall, Moses from leading a nation, David from fighting Goliath, etc.  I need to pray freshly that God would wound my heart with the realities of the state of the church, that it would drive me to prayer, faith, and action for His name.  I need a revival of my own heart.

If I can’t get my heart engaged for His church, and the salvation of others, then how will it ever get engaged for the orphan, the widow, the homeless?

God, break forth into my heart with a holy grieving for the things of this world that grieve you.  Let my heart be wounded and strongly desire lasting change, only brought about by your hand.  Let me trust in you for the skills and the strength to do what you command.  Let me step out in faith and trust wholly in you.  Create in me a clean heart oh God, and renew a right spirit within me – a spirit that grieves, prays, and is driven to action for your glory and praise.  Amen!

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